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We are dedicated to promoting conservative values and protecting the rights of Gladwin citizens.  Whether it be through volunteering, campaigning, or attending events, we can work together to create positive change. Join us today!

Take Part

Volunteer with Gladwin Republicans

Volunteering with the Gladwin County Republicans is a great way to become involved in politics and have your voice heard. There are many different ways to get involved such as working on political campaigns, canvassing neighborhoods, attending events, poll-watching during elections, or helping organize fundraisers to support candidates.

By getting involved in local politics, you can make a real difference in the outcome of elections and policy decisions that will affect us now and in the future.

Local and State-wide

Attend Events

It is incredibly important to become involved in party matters and stay informed on the decisions that are being made by those in power. Attending party events can help build relationships and connections and encourage new ideas.

If you want to become involved but don’t know where to start, attend one of our next meetings! Check out our calendar for the next upcoming event.

gop delegates at state convention
john moolenaar and team

Contact Those In Office

Hold Elected Officials Accountable

As constituents, it is our responsibility to be actively vocal and hold those in authority accountable for their decisions – whether it be at a local, state, or national level. Reaching out to those in office puts pressure on politicians to make decisions based on the needs of their constituents rather than special interests. Encourage our officials to stay true to their promises by writing letters and emails, attending public hearings, and calling or visiting their offices.


Support our Party


Ensuring that our citizens and interests come before those of any other country will result in a strong, secure economy that allows Americans to achieve their dreams.

Become A Member

We value transparency, accountability, security, and integrity, and are dedicated to upholding secure election standards to ensure every vote is counted.