About Us

At the Gladwin County Republican Party, we strive to uphold the principles, values, and ideals of the citizens in Gladwin County. Our mission is to promote civic engagement by providing information about local, state, and national elections and advocating for conservative principles at all levels of government.

What We Believe

Our Platform

Religious Liberty

Practicing one’s own faith is a fundamental human right as long as it does not infringe upon the rights and safety of others. We also believe that our government must respect and protect the freedom to practice any faith including Christianity, which is constantly under attack.


We are strongly committed to upholding the Constitution of the United States, its ideals of democracy, and the protection it affords citizens against tyranny. It is a living document that can be amended, but must also be safeguarded from misuse by our government.

Sanctity of Life

Every human life is precious regardless of age or stage of development. We oppose abortion except when necessary to save the mother’s life and advocate for policies that prioritize the protection and defense of the vulnerable as well as the disabled, elderly, or marginalized.

Pro 2nd Amendment

It is a fundamental right for all citizens of this country to keep and bear arms for self-defense. We stand with gun owners and recognize the importance of responsible gun ownership in protecting Americans from violent crime, but most importantly, government tyranny.

Rule of Law

Everyone should be treated equally under the law, regardless of their background, economic status, or political beliefs. The rule of law protects civil rights and liberties while also ensuring that all people (citizens and political officials alike) are held accountable for their actions. 

Limited Government

We recognize the right and responsibility of the government to provide necessary public services but support measures that promote fiscal responsibility, free markets, and individual liberty. It is important to limit the scope of government in order to preserve our Constitutional rights.

Pro Parental Rights

The left recognizes the power and stability of a strong family unit and is doing anything it can to break families apart. Our focus is on promoting safe, nurturing environments for children, while also safeguarding the rights of parents without unwarranted government interference.

America First

The needs and interests of America and its citizens must take priority over those of other nations if we are to have a strong and successful nation. American sovereignty is essential and we must prevent other countries from taking advantage of American resources.


We believe that a wall is crucial in establishing a secure and prosperous nation, as well as in reducing child trafficking and the illegal entry of dangerous individuals. We fully embrace legal immigrants and advocate for improved immigration policies.

Take Part

Join Us at Our Next Meeting

Attending some of our meetings and events gives you an opportunity to learn more about important issues and have meaningful conversations with like-minded individuals. You can also meet influential political figures and become part of an active community that works together toward common goals. By taking part in these gatherings, you can help shape the future of our country in a positive way. Come join us!

gop delegates at state convention
gop delegates at state convention

Our Process

GCR Party Rules & Bylaws

The Gladwin County Republican Party is committed to upholding the values of the Republican Party and promoting the ideals of liberty, justice, and opportunity for all. Our rules and bylaws govern our activities as a party and provide guidance on how we treat our members, participate in elections, and support our elected officials. Our policies are designed to promote openness, accountability, transparency, and respect in all we do.


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Ensuring that our citizens and interests come before those of any other country will result in a strong, secure economy that allows Americans to achieve their dreams.

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We value transparency, accountability, security, and integrity, and are dedicated to upholding secure election standards to ensure every vote is counted.