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Welcome to the Gladwin County Republican Party, where our focus is on putting Gladwin issues first, fighting for the protection of families, veterans, our elections, and working to elect Republicans in our local seats. Get involved today!

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The Gladwin County Republican Party is committed to upholding conservative principles of fiscal responsibility, limited government, and strong moral values, and are dedicated to preserving the freedoms granted to us by our Founding Fathers and protecting the rights of citizens in Gladwin County.

We believe in creating a stronger economy through lower taxes and lighter regulation, and protecting the right of life at every stage through responsible policies that support families and strengthen our communities.


America First

Ensuring that our citizens and interests come before those of any other country will result in a strong, secure economy that allows Americans to achieve their dreams.


Election Integrity

We value transparency, accountability, security, and integrity, and are dedicated to upholding secure election standards to ensure every vote is counted.


Protect the Family

Protecting the family unit is critical for building strong communities and ensuring a stable, secure, and healthy environment for our children and future generations. 

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From Senator Roger Hauck: Green energy mandate bad news for ratepayers, local communitiesLANSING, Mich. — Sen. Roger Hauck, R-Mt. Pleasant, issued the following statement on after the Senate Committee on Energy and Environment resumed hearings on the Democrat-led plan to radically change the state’s energy policies:“The biggest issue with this plan is that it ignores the many questions and concerns that still surround a lot of the proposed alternative energy sources. Taking care of the environment and continuing to study and look at alternative sources is a great cause — one that I can get behind — but we cannot abandon our current infrastructure and the investments that have already been made in pursuit of new sources that have been unproven at this scale.“Wind and solar are often advertised as ‘free energy’ but include large upfront costs — this certainly creates a concern that the state’s ratepayers will be forced to shoulder that burden through increased rates, while also bringing into question the reliability of new sources. The existing grid is struggling as it is, and instead of creating stability in what we have, this plan wants to start from scratch.“There has also been some concern about certain items currently under local control being shifted to the state, and that certainly brings its own set of questions — especially when coupled with massive statewide mandates.“Michiganders cannot afford these kinds of drastic, agenda-driven mandates that will almost certainly result in higher costs for ratepayers. We’ve seen this movie before, and we know the ending.” ... See MoreSee Less
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UPDATE ON THE ABORTION BILLS PASSED OUT OF COMMITTEE ON WEDNESDAY FROM *RESCUE MICHIGAN*. Check the first two comments for the links to contact your Representative - remember we need to encourage all Republicans to vote NO, and we need to encourage the lone Dem holdout to stand fast!________________________________________________"Last week, we warned you about a new package of bills introduced by Democrat extremists in the Michigan House that were being fast-tracked for rapid passage.Among the things the bills would do:• Legalize partial-birth abortion (in which developed babies are murdered);• Force medical coverage to pay for abortion by removing the term "elective" to describe the procedure and describing it as a medical procedure;• Repeal abortion clinic licensing regulations;• Repeal informed consent provisions which include a 24-hour waiting period;• Repeal the ban on using taxpayers' Medicaid fund to pay for abortion and make abortion a welfare benefit;• Allow student services on campus to provide abortion referrals;• Eliminate abortion reporting requirements.The bills were reported from committee yesterday in an off-schedule hearing... but one Democrat voted NO on all of them.If this one Democrat stays firm in opposition to these bills and every Republican votes no, the bills cannot pass – but those are BIG "ifs."They are only one vote short, and that's why it is so critical you tell your lawmakers right now: OPPOSE bills to legalize and subsidize abortion!Rep. Karen Whitsett (D-Detroit) cast the lone no vote from the Democrats, the exception that proves the rule that Democrats all vote the same almost every time.As reported in the news, Rep. Whitsett said she will not support legislation that allows for Medicaid funding of abortions nor will she support repeals of Michigan's 24-hour waiting period and current regulations treating some abortion clinics as surgical outpatient facilities.It is certainly possible that some Republican-In-Name-Only (RINO) flips to vote for these bills. The Democrats have all kinds of incentives they could offer to do so. It's also possible the bills are modified just enough to get Rep. Whitsett's vote, or even that she is pressured enough to give in.This is not the first time Rep. Karen Whitsett has broken rank with her party. In 2020, she was diagnosed with Covid-19, and said that taking hydroxychloroquine (at President Trump's general recommendation) saved her life, telling the news she began feeling better immediately.It was powerful first-hand testimony that there were therapies for Covid sickness that could save lives.For her heresy in speaking the truth about a Covid treatment, Democrats ran a challenger against her in the primary election to remove her from office.Take a moment to appreciate this: Democrats are so hell-bent on destroying President Trump and his supporters, that they would destroy the career of one of their own, just because a single statement she made – one that she made to help save lives – might have helped Trump politically.But at any rate: These bills are currently just one vote short of passing. It's absolutely critical we do everything possible to keep them from having the votes.Tell your representative and senator right now: OPPOSE bills to legalize and subsidize abortion!Make no mistake: These bills legalize all abortion, at any time, up to the moment of birth, and by any means, including dismembering the baby limb from limb or poisoning it.And you would have to pay for it, because under the bills, abortion would be a welfare right, and because health insurance would be required to cover abortion.It also codifies the "individual right" to sterilization, meaning that children could subject themselves to sexual mutilation, as the "transgender rights" movement wants.At this moment, they are just one vote short of being able to ram these baby-killing bills through the House. Every single lawmakers' vote could be decisive in passing these bills. . . or defeating them for the term. contact your lawmakers right now!And after you sign your petition, consider making a contribution to the Rescue Michigan Coalition to help us train, equip, and mobilize more patriots in Michigan.Thanks for all you do for Liberty,Adam de AngeliPresidentRescue Michigan Coalition ... See MoreSee Less
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william wagner

October 26, 2023

Event Featuring Professor William Wagner

William is the founder and President Emeritus of Salt & Light Global. He is an internationally recognized expert in constitutional law and good governance. As counsel in numerous matters before the U.S. Supreme Court, he authored briefs on behalf of various national Christian organizations.

We’re not a democracy – we are a constitutional republic.

In a democracy, the people govern directly and have the power to determine policies through a majority vote. In contrast, in a constitutional republic, we elect representatives to make decisions on our behalf. Our founding fathers did this to safeguard the people from possible abuses of power by elected officials, as their actions are constrained by the Constitution of the United States.

Additionally, it ensures that no single person or group can control all decision-making in our country and encourages vigilant oversight of how our elected officials make decisions on our behalf.

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Local Support

Grass Roots Funded Party

The Gladwin County Republicans is a grass-roots funded party that represents the beliefs and values of the people in its community. By relying solely on the support of our constituents, we ensure that the voices of the people are truly heard and that decisions are made based on the needs and desires of the community as a whole.

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Republican Leadership

Michigan Elected Officials

It’s crucial for Michigan citizens to connect with decision-makers in order to have our voices heard and issues addressed. By contacting elected officials directly, you can make sure that your values and interests are taken into account when decisions affecting the state are made.

Furthermore, reaching out to lawmakers also gives you a chance to hold them accountable for any choices they make with respect to legislation and governance.

The Left’s Policies

Gretchen Whitmer’s Actions

Failure to Fix Michigan Roads

In 2018, Gretchen Whitmer won the election with a campaign promise to “fix the damn roads.” Gretchen has still not fulfilled her promise and says she needs more time to fulfill her pledge as she seeks re-election.

Abortions With No Restrictions

With Gretchen’s assistance, the return of “back alley” abortions for Michiganders is now legal. This means there is no licensing, no medical standards, no oversight, and no liability. Do Democrats really care for women like they say they do? How does “no liability” protect them?

Disastrous COVID-19 Policies

Gretchen Whitmer violated Michigander’s constitutional rights with her COVID-19 executive orders to implement policy without legislative input. Her strict stay-at-home orders resulted in the dismantling of many small “unessential” businesses.

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