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Welcome to the Gladwin County Republican Party, where our focus is on putting Gladwin issues first, fighting for the protection of families, veterans, our elections, and working to elect Republicans in our local seats. Get involved today!

Our Platform

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The Gladwin County Republican Party is committed to upholding conservative principles of fiscal responsibility, limited government, and strong moral values, and are dedicated to preserving the freedoms granted to us by our Founding Fathers and protecting the rights of citizens in Gladwin County.

We believe in creating a stronger economy through lower taxes and lighter regulation, and protecting the right of life at every stage through responsible policies that support families and strengthen our communities.


America First

Ensuring that our citizens and interests come before those of any other country will result in a strong, secure economy that allows Americans to achieve their dreams.


Election Integrity

We value transparency, accountability, security, and integrity, and are dedicated to upholding secure election standards to ensure every vote is counted.


Protect the Family

Protecting the family unit is critical for building strong communities and ensuring a stable, secure, and healthy environment for our children and future generations. 

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We’re not a democracy – we are a constitutional republic.

In a democracy, the people govern directly and have the power to determine policies through a majority vote. In contrast, in a constitutional republic, we elect representatives to make decisions on our behalf. Our founding fathers did this to safeguard the people from possible abuses of power by elected officials, as their actions are constrained by the Constitution of the United States.

Additionally, it ensures that no single person or group can control all decision-making in our country and encourages vigilant oversight of how our elected officials make decisions on our behalf.

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Local Support

Grass Roots Funded Party

The Gladwin County Republicans is a grass-roots funded party that represents the beliefs and values of the people in its community. By relying solely on the support of our constituents, we ensure that the voices of the people are truly heard and that decisions are made based on the needs and desires of the community as a whole.

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Republican Leadership

Michigan Elected Officials

It’s crucial for Michigan citizens to connect with decision-makers in order to have our voices heard and issues addressed. By contacting elected officials directly, you can make sure that your values and interests are taken into account when decisions affecting the state are made.

Furthermore, reaching out to lawmakers also gives you a chance to hold them accountable for any choices they make with respect to legislation and governance.

The Left’s Policies

Gretchen Whitmer’s Actions

Supports Voting Without Identification

Requiring photo identification to vote is a reasonable measure to prevent fraud and maintain the trust of the public in the electoral process. By impeding the legislature’s responsibility in ensuring lawful elections, she is disregarding Michigan law and potentially allowing for vulnerabilities in the voting system.

Failure to Fix Michigan Roads

In 2018, Gretchen Whitmer won the election with a campaign promise to “fix the d*mn roads.” Gretchen has still not fulfilled her promise and says she needs more time to fulfill her pledge as she seeks re-election.

Abortions With No Restrictions

With Gretchen’s assistance, the return of “back alley” abortions for Michiganders will be legal. This means there is no licensing, no medical standards, no oversight, and no liability. Do Democrats really care for women like they say they do? How does “no liability” protect them?

Disastrous COVID-19 Policies

Gretchen Whitmer violated Michigander’s constitutional rights with her COVID-19 executive orders to implement policy without legislative input. Her strict stay-at-home orders resulted in the dismantling of many small “unessential” businesses.

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